Biafra National Guard Warns Nigeria Army

A pro-Biafra group, Biafra National Guard, has warned the Nigerian army to stop its ongoing Operation Python Dance II in the southeast or its members will begin to defend themselves. In to a statement made available to Daily Post, the group said the military operation in the southeast is a plot to end the lives of secession agitators in the region. The group said it would resist the unlawful killings of southeast indigenes by the army.                                                                                      “We fear not; we dine, sleep and live hostility and will defend our lives. BNG continues to make it loud and clear that Biafra needs activation of self defense as enshrined in UN 2007 charter to restore Biafra and that is what BNG represents. “Our commander; General Innocent Orji does not subscribe to defenseless agitation, but to continue on the path of non-violence, Nigeria must withdraw lethal force which might be impossible because we are considered slaves that deserve death. Our commander knows the terrain of self defense as enshrined in 2007 UN Charter on the rights of indigenous people. “As we continue to make it clear; self defense is due because our people have continued to face death, promised to be crushed by Buhari and the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra whom BNG is saddled with responsibility of defending has come under severe threat as well.” The group said it is not a violent group but it would not hesitate to confront the army and put a stop to the military operation in the state. “The people of Biafra and her leadership fully support the decision of Biafra National Guard because we are not violent agitators but out to stop the unlawful killing of our people. Biafra National Guard is not a violent group rather Nigerian military is violent to our people; killing and maiming us and BNG is an outfit designed to curb the wanton killing of Biafrans. We have never been violent in any shape or form; but would resist unlawful killing of our people. “Unlike Nigerian military that find strength against unarmed and peaceful civilians; we the Biafra National Guard find strength against unlawful hostile, undisciplined, happy-trigger soldiers that violate human rights, crush peaceful and law-abiding citizens. Operation Python Dance II in Southeast is a show of cowardice; BNG is not Southeast movement but Biafra military wing. “The blood of the people of Biafra makes the python dance and merry; our molestation makes the python happy and laugh. Road blocks in Biafra make the python dance and party round, throw money like politicians. Molesting our women makes the python dance but very soon Biafra National Guard shall make the python shade tears by denying the python the evil deeds that makes it dance. “The people of Biafra and her leadership must urgently support and pray for her military wing because BNG is the pride of the people and the backbone of the leadership of the people of Biafra under Nnamdi Kanu whom the people have chosen,” the statement read.                                                         Earlier,the governor of the state Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, had declared a three-day curfew in Aba,the commercial hub of the state following the clash between the army and the citizens of the state. The Operation Python Dance II which has been launched by the   Nigeria Army has raised serious fear and tension in the state.            In a statement issued by the governor on Tuesday, September 12, Dr. Okezie established that the state recognises the supremacy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, but urged the army to conduct its operation in compliance with international standard.                         The curfew takes effect from Tuesday 12 September from 6am to 6pm and ends on Friday, the  15th of September.


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