Letting Family Members Into Martial Issues.

Marriage is a formal union. It ​is a social, and legal contract between two imperfect, yet mature individuals that unites their lives legally, economically,and emotionally. Marriage is a promise, a vow. It is the assurance that someone has your back always. Marriage is without conflict; disagreeing and knowing how to work through anger and disappointments is a key to happy married life. As much as  I agree that some issues should be resolved by involving a third part (this will be discussed later) any spouse who iy not forgive; and over time  it’s implications begins to pop up from different angles and gradually the chances of true intimacy, trust and hope that once existed get dissolved.. Marriage should not be a place for criticism and emotional abuse. No happy union thrives in these scenarios.                                            Now what do you think, do these family members still harbour resentments towards in-laws long after the couples have moved on? 


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