Residence Of Nigeria Ex-President Jonathan Burgled 

The Nigeria Police Force have arrested three of its own officers who allegedly stole items (sets of furniture, refrigerators, air-conditioners units, dozens of plasma tv sets; box-loads of designer suits imprinted with the ex-president’s name, bowler hats, laces) worth millions of naira from the President’s mansion located at No.89 fourth avenue in Gwarimpa district of Abuja. According to Premium Times, this looting was conducted over a period of three months, from March 2016 until the house got rendered bare of every conveyable items and got sold piece by piece to traders at Panteka second-hand market located at tippers garage Gwarimpa. The theft and the arrest was confirmed by Ikechukwu Eze, Mr Goodluck Jonathan’s spokesman. The situation was made known to the family early last month when a neighbor noticed unusual displacements and placed a call to the family asking to know if there was renovations going on in the bulding.

On perceiving the arrest of the policemen two involved, two of the traders who had bought the stolen items have since looked up their stalls and disappeared into the thin air.         The mansion was said to have been occupied by Mr Jonathan’s mum after his son moved into Aso Rock in 2010 as the vice president at the time. The reason and time when the President’s mother vacated and left the residence under the care of security personnels can not be ascertained,according to Premium Times.


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